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  • Sport Frame and Lens Chart

    Baseball Frame Sport goggle Shield w/ interchangeable lenses w/ sports strap Flip up with Rx w/ sports strap Wrap around w/ sports strap Lens Brown Sunglass– best against blue sky or green grass A/R absorbs glare at night off stadium lights (lets more light through lens) Yellow cuts glare but cuts visual acuity slowing reaction […]

  • Sports Vision About

    “Keep your eye on the ball!” “Focus on the finish line!” “Don’t lose sight of the green!” If there’s one thing that seems to be a key to success in sports, it’s vision. But did you know you can improve your performance by improving some aspects of your vision? It’s easy to recognize problems, and […]

  • Frame Selection Guide

    Fashion is in the eyes of the beholder. Style is truly a personal preference and reflection of one’s personality. Styles come and go, but there are basic guidelines that all styles and time adhere to. We will gladly share our wealth of experience in frame selection, based on your cosmetic, lifestyle, and ophthalmic needs. • […]